Journal of Diseases and Medicinal Plants

Volume 3, Issue 6, December 2017

  • Evaluation of the Cytotoxicity of Two Cameroonian Herbal Plants of Genus Triumfetta rhomboidea and Dorstenia elliptica Using the MTT and Neutral Red Assays

    Tembe-Fokunang Estella, Fokunang Charles, Hoare Gary, Salwa Barkwan, Ngameni Bathelemy, Tsague Marthe, Paul Tomkins, Nwabo Kamdje Armel Herve, Ngadjui Bonaventure

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 6, December 2017
    Pages: 97-103
    Received: 22 October 2017
    Accepted: 6 November 2017
    Published: 13 December 2017
    Abstract: The use of herbal plants in Cameroonian ethno-medicine has been gained some importance in the treatment of various illnesses and many studies on these plants well documented. Hundreds of plant species, and their extracts, are used in developing countries to treat numerous diseases despite the fact that only a small number are approved for therapeut... Show More